For our PAISLEY sleeping system we have 6 pocket spring mattresses on offer in different variants and design versions. These provide a high point elasticity and keep their elasticity for many years. Depending upon the weight, the weight distribution and the sleeper’s habits the springs within the mattresses work with different forces. Every single spring can react almost independently from the others and can adjust directly to the contours and movements of the individual ergonomic contours. We are talking about here are different comfort zones in one mattress.

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A multi-zone padding with an ergonomically shaped, formfitting surface profile ensures a smooth transition between the individual zones. The result is a very comfortable support and an elastic yield which has the right balance. In addition, the pocket springs inside the mattress have a bellows effect and ensure optimum climatic conditions. Through the high point elastic pocket springs the PAISLEY sleeping system combines a gentle, conveniently adjustable sensation of lying with ergonomic requirements and thereby creates a unique feeling when lying down for a good rest.

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Our products are manufactured by experienced employees with great care and craftsmanship.

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