Pocket spring mattresses maintain their specific effectiveness exceptionally well if they are laid out very flat. Due to this, the wooden spring slats of our ERGONOMA slatted frame are especially wide. All slats are individually fastened and moveably mounted. Through this a fine-tuned adjustment of the body contour can easily be achieved. In addition, the lordosis area can be individually adjusted - depending upon body height and weight.

The ERGONOMA slatted frame consists of a solid beech wood frame, the spring slats are made of a multi-bonded birch plywood and the surface area is treated with natural colour oil which is based on linseed oil. The ERGONOMA slatted frame is available in the usual dimensions. The standard length is 200 cm. On request also in the special lengths 210 and 220 cm.

Height 6 cm

Manual adjustment of the head and food area.
Overall height 6 cm

Foot area may be lifted easily with the aid of gas struts so the space under the frame is available.
Overall height 6 cm, the opening in the foot area is 60 cm

Electrical adjustment for the head and foot section.
With mains cut-off and emergency power reduction in case of power failure.
Overall height 6 cm.

Standard with remote control

Radio remote control with memory function and synchronous switching for an extra charge.

Lattenrost Detail 1

The head- and foot area and also the lordosis area can be individually adjusted, depending upon body height and weight.

Lattenrost Detail 2

The soft slats allow a pleasant sinking in the shoulder area.