A good sleep system is an investment in your health. In order to enjoy your new mattresses for longer, you should regularly turn them lengthwise and crosswise. Please do not knock or vacuum the covers but clean them only with a soft brush.

A well-ventilated bedroom is very important for the mattresses. Should the humidity exceed 60% of the room temperature of approx. 15° C, moisture can form on the underside of the mattress, especially on the spring slats, which can then impair its function and service life. This danger increases for beds with a bed base. We therefore recommend regular airing of the mattress. An incorrect and usable slat base will affect the function and life of the mattresses. If you have any questions, please contact your local dealer.

Each mattress adapts over time to the body and becomes softer. Depending on the design and dependency on the sleeping conditions, this can be up to 20% of the original strength and is, if there is no reason for complaint. Elastic materials can change significantly during transport, storage and in the fracture and a dimensional difference of approx. 1% in length and width is therefore also not a cause for complaint.


The removable and washable covers can be washed up to 60° C with a mild detergent. However, the covers are not suitable for tumble drying. Please remove the labels before washing. The covers are divisible, so it is recommended to wash only one half at first, the other half can be used for sleeping. After washing, please pull the cover damp into shape and allow to dry. Please have removable, cleanable covers cleaned by a specialist company. Please note the information on the patch in the cover. For hygienic reasons, mattresses should be replaced after 8-10 years.