The design approach was to create a homely daybed with a focus on the seating function.

Caja Detail Rückenlehne und Holzfuß

The rounded elements give Caja a modern look and an independent, elegant impression. In combination with the back roll, these curves make Caja an individual daybed that fits in well with any interior environment.

If you mount both backrests, you get a fully-fledged sofa with the help of loose back cushions. If you remove the back rolls and the cushions, Caja becomes a day or guest bed with a lying area of 90/200 cm.

Caja is available in many upholstery fabrics, the round wooden legs are lacquered in matching colours.

Caja Detail Armlehne und Holzfuß
Caja Daybed
Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

The Hoffmann Kahleyss design bureau was set up in Hamburg in 2013. Founders Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss produce furniture designs and concepts for interiors, exhibitions, showrooms, and photo shoots, giving them leading roles in shaping whole collections and identities for brands such as Freifrau Manufaktur and Janua; they also work with companies such as Rolf Benz, Solpuri, Möller Design, and Treca Interiors Paris.

Their approach to design is functional without being cold; their furniture pieces are characterised by elegance, by a certain lightness which balances the soft with the straight, the decorative with the voluminous, and the playful with the structured. All Hoffmann Kahleyss designs come with an unexpected detail: it could be sophisticated indents in upholstery or metal table struts with varying widths. Whatever the stylistic element, though, it becomes a defining feature which makes the piece unmistakable without drawing too much attention to itself.

In the same way as each Hoffmann and Kahleyss product is the result of seemingly opposite shapes and styles, the two designers’ characters are also in productive contrast to each other: Birgit Hoffmann, born in1968 in Munich, is passionate and spontaneous by nature, with a preference for trying out something new; Christoph Kahleyss, meanwhile, was born in 1963 in Oldenburg at the other end of Germany and takes a calm, structured approach to what he finds, ordering new things into an existing system.